My legal and consulting practices focus on the needs and perspective of business owners and key executive officers. Generally, these services include:

Business Organization and Governance - Structuring and documenting relationships and managing and resolving conflicts among partners, shareholders, family members and other constituents.

Structuring Business Relationships - Structuring and documenting relationships with customers, suppliers and affiliates.

Business Purchase and Sale - Negotiating, documenting and closing complex business transactions, including the purchase and the sale of stock, assets, divisions, and subsidiaries.

Problem Workouts - Managing and resolving conflict with lenders, investors, customers, suppliers, family members, and others.

Exit Strategies - Developing and implementing a rational and effective plan for transition of ownership to new owners, or from one family generation to the next.

Managing and Networking with Lawyers and other Consultants - Selecting and managing lawyers for litigation and transaction work and other consultants as needed. I have developed an extensive network of legal and business consultants whom I draw upon to the extent necessary to give my clients the best possible results and representation. This network includes my affiliation with Corporate Performance Group []

Executive Coaching and Mentoring - Empowering chief executives to make and implement effective strategic decisions.

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