"David has consistently helped me and our team focus on the most important matters at hand. His fearless and targeted questioning prompts clarity and focus. I have found him to be expert in strategic thinking and negotiations, routinely discerning the key issues quickly and accurately. Simply put, he is a leader in helping individuals and businesses access and create value."

Dean C. Williams, President & CEO | Williams & Williams

"I continuously engaged David in a four-year transaction beginning with negotiating and closing a major investment in my company by a Fortune 500 company concluding with the sale of my company's assets to that same investor. It was a lengthy and grueling process that would likely not have closed without David's able assistance, encouragement, counsel and intervention."

A.R. Tandy, President | TanData Corporation.

"Our weekly meetings have helped greatly. I place great value on David's independent and creative point of view. His assistance has made a major difference in my business. David has the ability to interject reality and insight into our discussions."

Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr., President | Keener Oil and Gas Company

"One of David's strongest assets is the creative thinking he uses in problem solving. In addition to being a valuable attorney, advisor and business consultant, he is also a trusted friend."

Richard E. Mills, D.O. | Mills Eye Associates, Inc.

"David approaches challenges with a keen intelligence, well-thought-out strategies, and the ability to build on an expert team that results in success for all involved. David's diverse abilities will energize any project from start to successful finish. I trust him, his values, his discretion and ability to achieve the best possible results."

Sharon Gallagher, Graduate Programs Representative | The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

"David Holden has provided exceptional value to our company. David has consistently guided our successful business explorations with his many tools and talents. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Holden to any business."

Ky Vargas, President | Logical Solutions, Inc

"David has a remarkable ability to evaluate a complex environment and quickly recognize the critical issues. His assessments of opportunities and strategies for addressing challenges have positioned CAN as a leader among our peers."

Barbara Findeiss, Executive Director | Child Abuse Network

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